Computer & Tablet Services

We’ll keep your computer running like new.

Our Wftechy Agents can set up your new computer or tablet, and diagnose and repair any problems that arise. We also offer Protection Plans for complete peace of mind.

Data Recover

Data Recovery

We can recover your data.

If you’ve suddenly lost family photos, financial records, and other crucial data, we’re here to help. Make an appointment with a Wftechy Agent and we’ll use our expertise to recover your data as quickly as we can.

Software Troubleshooting

With this service, a Wftechy Agent will remotely help you configure one software application to make sure it is running properly.* You will be able to chat with the Agent over the phone or via an online chat window, and this Agent will obtain remote access to your computer so you won’t have to perform important steps on your own.

Software Troubleshooting

Other Services

  • Computer Hard Drive Reset
  • Computer Repair & Help
  • Computer Tune-up
  • New Computer Setup
  • Software Install or Uninstall
  • Data Back-up or Transfer
  • Email or Online Account Setup or Support
  • Printer Setup
  • Printer Troubleshooting or Repair
  • Virus Removal & Cleanup
  • OS (Operating System) Install or Re-install

Data Back-up or Transfer

Save yourself time and have the job done right. A skilled Agent transfer or backup data from computer to a network-attached storage (NAS), hard drive or other storage medium.

Printer Setup or Troubleshooting

We can quickly and professionally set up your new printer or solve issues with your current printer. Our skilled Wftechy Agents will unbox and set up your new printer and connect it to your devices if desired. We will also connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network and perform updates. Our Agents are also here to help if you are having trouble with your current printer. We will troubleshoot the functionality of printer. Agents will perform essential diagnostic checks on your printer and determine if there are any jams or shortages of paper, ink and toner. Once the problem is identified, we’ll get your printer working properly as soon as possible.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Computer caught a virus?

Has your computer slowed way down? Are you seeing unwanted ads and pop-up windows? Your device may be infected with viruses or spyware. Our Wftechy Agents have the tools and expertise to get things running clean again.

New PC Setup

A skilled Agent will set up your new PC system, install printer, install software titles and transfer up to 100GB of data -OR- set up your new tablet or mobile device, install three apps of your choice, and either restore your data from a previous backup or manually transfer up to 50GB of data.

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