Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Fell victim to ransomware attacks? Need a professional IT company to remove malicious files and restore your network? Call us immediately at (888) 571-4998 to learn how we can help.

Eventually, equipment malfunctions, and hard drives fail. The question you need to ask is what happens next. Ask us about our disaster recovery plan if you cannot answer this question. Our data backup and recovery service will ensure that your data is continually archived and ready to be restored at a moment’s notice. With a Wftechy data recovery plan, you can be assured that your important customer or sensitive personnel data is secure and available when needed.

Benefits of Wftechy Data Backup & Recovery

  • Higher Reliability – We’ll set up data backup to run on your desired schedule.
  • Reduced Workload – With automatic data backup, enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is being continuously backed up.
  • Greater Security – Store your data in a secured off-site location instead of on a USB in your office drawer.
  • Saves Money – Think what would happen if you didn’t have a recent backup of your files and something terrible happened. It will cost you much more in recovery, frustration, and reputation.
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